Meet Gray Noll


Morgan County Legacy

For the last 14 years, Gray Noll has been practicing law in the state of Illinois. For the first 13 years, he was Assistant State’s Attorney in Sangamon County, until he was appointed Morgan County State’s Attorney after the graceful resignation of Robert Bonjean III in December of 2015.

Gray has a deep connection with Morgan County, Jacksonville, and the people who reside here. After graduating from Illinois College in 1999, Gray enrolled at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale law school, where he graduated from in 2002.

One of Gray’s biggest ties to Jacksonville is his family’s heritage and legacy at Illinois College. It began with Gray’s grandfather, the late Conrad Noll, who graduated from IC in 1934. Next in line is Gray’s father, also named Conrad, who graduated from IC in ’65.  All of Gray Noll’s siblings graduated from Illinois College as well: sister Gail (’94), sister Mae Marie (’96), brother Conrad (’97), and brother Bobby (’02). Gray even has two cousins, Susan Kehoe ’84 and Daniel A. Noll ’06, that graduated from Illinois College.

In total 9 Noll’s have graduated from Illinois College, and have all made contributions to the Jacksonville community.


Gray’s experience is what really qualifies him to continue to be the Morgan County State’s Attorney. Having been a practicing attorney since 2002, Gray has many years of experience as a prosecutor and his opponent has none.  In fact, here is a list of experience that Gray has, but his opponent doesn’t.


When it comes to experience, there is no one better for the job than Gray Noll!


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