In Gray’s 12 years as Assistant States Attorney in Sangamon County, and almost 2 years as Morgan County State’s Attorney, Mr. Noll has earned the respect of many prominent public figures in the county. Below is a list of public figures who have said that they will for Gray on November 8th, just as you should too!

Andy “Buzz” Ezard– Mayor of Jacksonville

Randy Duvendack– Morgan County Sheriff

C.D. Davidsmeyer– 100th District Representative

Darin LaHood– 18th Congressional District Representative

Robert V. Bonjean III– Former Morgan County State’s Attorney

Bill Meier– Morgan County Commissioner, Chairman

Ginny Fanning– Morgan County Commissioner, Vice-Chairman

Jenny Geirnaeirt– Morgan County Treasurer

Theresa Lonergan– Morgan County Circuit Clerk

Amy  SipesРMorgan County Circuit Clerk Elect

Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police

And many others

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